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Workers Compensation Investigations

Workers compensation laws are intended to protect employees who get hurt in the workplace. Federal employees are entitled to two-thirds of their monthly salaries when out on disability, and even more if they are permanently hurt. All states have their own compensation laws. While these laws are vital to the stability of society, they can be corrupted. Employers must investigate individual cases to prevent themselves from being taken advantage of. In fact, workers compensation fraud costs insurance companies and the public 60 billion dollars every year.

Because benefits such as medical coverage are often part of the compensation people receive, many people out on disability have very little incentive to return to work. They can either stay at home, not work at all, and receive a portion of their salaries, or return to the daily grind at full pay. Some people opt for the former at the expense of their employers or the taxpayers. In most cases of fraud, professional investigators have no problem providing evidence that someone has been faking disability.

Discovering Workers Compensation Fraud

Fortunately for the government or any company paying workers compensation, investigations frequently reveal the people who lie about the severity of their injuries. An investigator can catch someone out of work with a bad back refereeing basketball games, or performing strenuous work around the house. Such findings relieve employers and taxpayers of funding a healed person's extended vacation. To start an investigation of your own, call us at 910-947-7594 or Toll Free at 1-866-264-5196.

Does your husband have a mistress, or has he really been working late three nights a week? Has your daughter been doing drugs, or are her mood swings the result of something else? If you need answers to serious questions like these, surveillance services might be the best option for you.

Surveillance Services Can Put an End to Your Suspicion

When you hire Professional Security & Investigation, Inc. for surveillance services, however, you can find out for sure whether your suspicions are fact or fiction. We employ seasoned investigators who monitor people discreetly to ensure your safety and the validity of our findings. If your significant other has been faithful, for example, he will never find out you paid us to watch him. People also use our surveillance services to uncover corporate fraud and discover the truth before court cases.

When you need to find out what someone is up to, never try to set up surveillance on your own. It can be very dangerous, and as someone untrained in surveillance, you are much more likely to be discovered than one of our professionals. Calling us is a much safer option. We promise to protect your confidentiality and maintain the highest level of professionalism in everything we do. To set up surveillance, give us a call at 910-947-7594 or Toll Free at 1-866-264-5196.

Corporate Investigations

Here at Professional Security & Investigation, Inc., the goal of our corporate investigators is to not only reveal truth but also to gather court-admissible evidence. When the truth has been discovered, the facts can be presented by our investigators in a fashion that leaves no room for denial. Whether the company wants to pursue legal action is up to them, but companies do have that option after we solve their cases.

We are a fully licensed private investigation firm. Anyone we send to your company will have a professional license and has solved cases similar to yours in the past. We operate tactfully, within the law, and with utmost professionalism. To contact us, call 910-947-7594 or Toll Free at 1-866-264-5196.

Pre-Employment Screening Services

Dishonesty in the Workplace Is Costly

Corporate Fraud Investigations

Corporate fraud investigations have never been more commonplace than the present day. During the past few years we have seen more greed and scandal in the corporate world than ever before. Dishonest executives receive all the attention, but workplace crime, especially theft, is a problem throughout organizations, from the CEO down to non-management laborers. The majority of people at just about any company are honest and hardworking, but it is the unfortunate truth that within any population exists some dishonest people.

Investigators who specialize in corporate investigations know how to question people, sort through paper records, and analyze money flow in a way that is completely legal and non-threatening to innocent employees. They also know which questions to ask, and how to pick up on verbal and nonverbal cues that give guilty parties away. Professional investigators have years of experience in both public criminal justice and private investigating, giving them a clear advantage over people within the company.

Any human resources professional will attest that conducting a corporate investigation and then accusing an employee of a crime can lead to lawsuits and even newspaper headlines. Go after the wrong person, and the company winds up looking terrible. Upper-level executives can lose their jobs for using poor judgement in terminating someone without just cause. Employers are much better off leaving hard-to-crack cases up to professional investigators.
Suspicion, is a terrible feeling. It is based partly on logic and largely on instinct, which is why any straightforward accusations you make will most likely be countered with a staunch denial that you can neither prove nor disprove. An unfaithful husband can say you are being insecure. A daughter who has not been caught taking drugs can argue that you are paranoid. Then you might begin to doubt yourself, although the suspicions will probably linger.
One of the only ways workers compensation can be taken away from an individual is if it can be proven that he or she can return to work and be productive. People often obtain jobs where they can earn cash and hide their income to avoid discovery. Between the guaranteed paycheck and a part-time job that pays cash, people out on disability can maintain their standard of living on much less work.

Disability Insurance Fraud

While the majority of workers have too much pride to feign injury, thousands of cases each year are more than questionable. A claim that someone is in too much pain to work can be difficult to refute. Some employees stage accidents and then pretend to be injured too severely to work. This allows them to receive a partial paycheck, and either stay at home or work a second job off the books while retaining tax legitimacy and the benefits offered by the company.

Hire Us for Disability Insurance Fraud Investigations

We employ the most professionally trained investigators you will find anywhere in the world. When someone is lying about an injury, they eventually reveal themselves in some way. The trick is being there when that happens and producing court-admissible evidence to persuade any lawyer, judge, or jury that the claim is invalid. We can do this for you within days when you contact us at 910 947-7594 or Toll Free at 1-866-264-5196.

Here at Professional Security & Investigation, Inc., we can decipher legitimate cases from fraud by conducting background checks, monitoring people's outside work, and uncovering any suspicious fund transfers between people who may have corroborated in a disability claim. If you are a human resources professional, a small business owner, or a manager, never put yourself in a situation where you must accuse someone of lying without sufficient evidence to support your claims.

Disability insurance is one of the best offerings a company can give its employees, but it is easy to see how it can lead to problems. A clear conflict of interest exists between an employee and the company. Most people would agree that getting paid for doing no work sounds appealing, and we all know that the last thing any company needs is additional payroll with no output.


Criminal Investigations

Independent Criminal Investigations

Fortunately, defense lawyers and private citizens who are dissatisfied with the criminal investigations conducted by the government do have the option of hiring private investigators who are equally or more adept at revealing the truth than federal and state law enforcement agencies. Here at Professional Investigation, we employ a highly specialized team of former police officers, detectives, and federal agents who can level the playing field whenever the state launches an unfair investigation. We gather court-admissible evidence that can set you or someone you know free from a wrongful conviction.

Maybe you have an idea of how you or someone else ended up being wrongfully accused. You might have a strong gut feeling of what really happened, but no real proof. Our professional investigators can follow up on your suspicions and turn your theories into facts. Rest assured that all of our clients remain 100 percent confidential. We promise your safety. Call us to discuss your investigation a 910-947-7594 or Toll Free at 1-866-264-5196.

What happens if either you, someone you know and love, or, if you are a lawyer, a client of yours finds himself on the wrong end of a police mistake? Since law enforcement agencies are the best at launching criminal investigations, wrongly accused individuals are at a considerable disadvantage. Trials can boil down to one person's version of the truth versus the government's idea of what happened. Defense lawyers must disprove the work of seasoned police detectives without knowing for sure what actually happened.

Experienced law enforcement officers and detectives are without question the most qualified people in the world to conduct criminal investigations, which is why so many criminal plots are eventually foiled and such a high-percentage of wrongdoers convicted. It is unfortunate, however, that some investigations conducted by the state are one-sided. That is, the focus of law enforcement agencies can sometimes be too narrow, or even completely misguided. After all, local police departments and federal agencies are only human. They can make mistakes and are not incorruptible.

Civil Investigations Reveal Truth


Surveillance is another major component of civil investigations. Say, for example, two people stage an automobile accident to sue a third party. Private investigators can catch the fraudsters, supposedly complete strangers whose lives happened to intersect one day at someone else's expense, meeting or even exchanging money.

Here at Professional Security & Investigation, Inc., we have a team of experienced law enforcement and secret service professionals who can discreetly track the people you suspect of cheating or corroborating against you. We have several years experience revealing cheating spouses, scam artists, and arsonists. If you need the truth to be known, give us a call at 910-947-7594 or Toll Free at 1-866-264-5196. We will get to the bottom of any situation without ever compromising your privacy or safety.

Private investigators can conduct background checks on the people involved with civil lawsuits. By studying a person's past, investigators can discern patterns of behavior, such as cheating, stealing, and consistently filing frivolous law suits. A person's history reveals his or her character to the jury. Someone who has consistently been involved with suspicious lawsuits will lose credibility in court.

Judges and juries determine the outcomes of civil trials based on whom they believe the most, the plaintiffs or the defendants. As a result, many dishonest people try to profit from the civil court system by making false accusations. Even worse, many criminals corroborate with one another to sue businesses and even ordinary citizens. Sometimes the only way to defeat the bad guys is to launch civil investigations conducted by professionals who know how to reveal the truth.

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